Christmas offer: Discount and Cookie

Christmas is well known as the feast of joy, at least in the German speaking part of the world. Usually two people get to enjoy a present, the recipient and the donor. With us you can make at least four people happy! If you give away a CD from Listen Closely, the band leader will enjoy it and i will be full of joy (For sure!).

If this extra bonus does not matter to you, there is still the fantastic music on the five recordings that have appeared since April. Five very distinct and fresh interpretations of what jazz is and can be. In the Shop you can listen to the music to get an impression.

An added bonus: You support young music by young musicians from a young Austrian label!

If you are still not convinced, and I can hardly imagine that: Until 24.12 you get 20% off the regular price of all our CDs! For each order i will add an homemade Christmas cookie !

I wish you a Merry Christmas madness!

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