UNUSUAL PLACE – Matrioska Dreamteam

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Matrioska as a symbol of global interlacing, the relativity of dimensions and the love for detail. If you think that you have opened up the last puppet you’ll find another one even smaller, a fantastic feeling of eternity occupies you.
The music of violin player Florian Sighartner, double bass player Sebastian Küberl and drummer Judith Schwarz is based on a settled rock attitude that shows up in a subtle dress of different playing modes of jazz. Unconventionality is part of the concept and begins with the instrumentation and doesn’t end with the compositions. The violin suddenly acts as rhythm instrument, the double bass mutates into a guitar and the drums turn out to be a bowed instrument. The world is turned upside down and the surprised listener suddenly understands how relative things are. He wonders: ’What the hell is going on here!?’ and finds himself shrouded in a meditative-psychedelic atmosphere, that meanwhile has conquered the concert place. A moment later he is aroused by driving grooves, the pulse is getting faster and lust for dancing is coming up. The sound of this band is exceptional; virtuosity is never self purpose and due to tasty arrangements and extended instrumental techniques the lack of a typical harmonic instruments turns out to be a gate to an unimagined sound.

Florian Sighartner – violin

Sebastian Küberl – double bass

Judith Schwarz – drums

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