hoerthoert 2014 – Festival für Zuhörkultur – 23.-24. Mai 2014

Right after the first hoerthoert – Festival, that took place in May 2013, ended, the members of hoerthoert, a registered society that is part of the Listen Closely Family, decided that the Festival has to happen again.

In the last year a lot of things happened on Listen Closely, we celebrate 7 new Releases, 5 of them will present their new Tunes and CD during the Festival. As Guests we have the Philipp Harnisch Quartet, the Septett GNIGLER, Para, Sweet & Lovely and Mira Lu Kovacs/David Six. Wenzl Dnatek and Matador couldn’t make it to the festival due to other obligations.

The Lineup is quite diverse and very promising. We have got everything ranging from a Duo to a Septett, Free Improvisation, Modern Jazz to Spoken Word.

Don’t miss this, it’s going to be really good!


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