“Bird is the worm” rezensiert “Songs about Birds and Horses”

Hier ist eine sehr positive Rezension von Philipp Harnischs “Songs about Birds and Horses” von “Bird is the worm”-Blogger Dave Sumner. Danke sehr!

Philipp Harnisch‘s quartet likes to formulate beautiful constructs, like sheets of stained glass, then methodically scar and shatter them. It is a process he repeats throughout the lovely Songs About Birds and Horses. Erecting soundscapes shot through with Nordic Jazz serenity, the quartet comes crashing down with a delicate avant-garde ferocity. Of significant importance is the music’s quality of not turning its back on itself when it presents one of the two facets of tranquility and clamor… both are present at all times, and it is only a matter of which of the two is in the ascendent.

Hier gibts die ganze Rezension.

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