“Bird is the worm” rezensiert Hypnotic Zone – “La Justice, les Filles et l’Eternite”

The piano trio going by the name of Hypnotic Zone offers up La Justice, les Filles et l’Eternite, an album with a singular personality… rich with eccentric quirks and off-kilter traits. At times, it’s quite expressive of the Austrian jazz scene, often treading the same territory as ECM label artists who hail from the same land. But this is just one side of this album with a dual personality. Many moments of serenity suddenly dissipate into thin air, replaced by the swirling chaos of dissonant notes and relentless percussion. It makes for an unsettling reaction.

But then, with time, the music’s patterns become more evident, the way the music respires and the way it drifts, and how it transitions between those two states of existence. It’s not an album perpetually in flux… it just feels that way at times. […]

Das vollständige Review kann hier auf “Bird is the worm” von Dave Sumner nachlesen.

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